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SCHEDULE: When you call into our office to schedule a pool to be plastered a Magic Marcite representative will be there to take your call. They will have you fax a print of the job to our office. Please allow one day for clean out of pool. Magic Marcite prefers to be the one to do the clean out.

CLEANOUT: Our clean out procedure consists of setting pump to control water, connecting discharge hose to let water run away from pool. The clean out crew will take all debris from pool and scrape down the shell then hose it down with water. If the shell needs a light acid wash it will be done at this time. The crew will fill in any voids around PVC fittings, lights, set main drain collars and seal with sika flex 1A. Any debris carried away will be put in the closest dumpster or container. If no container is provided the trash will be put into trash bags and put on a piece of plastic by curb or on trash pile. At this time any broken tiles or other issues with the pool, our office will contact your company. If tiles are on job we will replace a few broken tile at no additional charge.

PLASTER: During this phase the crew will use tarps or plastic to put down on paver or rock deck. They will seal tile grout with ( ) if finish is darker then grout. The crew will then apply Magicolors Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish to the interior. Crew will water wash to expose finish then give a light acid wash to clean any remaining film. When this step is complete the crew will clean tile and install light, main drain plugs and cover, clean deck, put a rag on the end of hose and place by the main drain to begin filling with water. During this process Dennis Clark our Supervisor will be checking jobs. Dennis Clark has been with Magic Marcite since 1991 starting out as a plasterer and working his way up to field supervisor. Every job will be checked by either Dennis or Bill Shrock.

DAY AFTER PLASTER: The day after finish is complete your company will receive a fax letting you know job was completed and is filling with water. At this time Magic Marcite will send a pool water chemical guideline letter to the home owner for reference.

SERVICE: Please ask for Carol Scriptor. Carol will ask you to fax over all info on the service needed .Carol will schedule the service call. Our service manager Allan Carter who has been with our company since 1993 will address any concern that you might have. Please allow 72 hours for schedule unless home owner schedules otherwise. Magic Marcite has a brochure that explains exposed aggregate finishes and how to identify and treat most pool finish problems.

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