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Care of Your New Pool Finish

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You now have a newly plastered pool and you probably have a few questions regarding the care of your new finish. The following suggestions will help you understand a few areas you need to pay special attention to. Please remember that these are generic suggestions and you should always consult your plaster company, builder and or service company for specific instructions based on your pools specifications.

FILLING YOUR POOL: After your new finished is completed a hose is placed at the bottom of the pool with a clean soft cloth wrapped around the end to diffuse the water entering the pool. You must not stop the water at any time or move the hose for any reason this could result in damage to the new finish. The water should not be stopped until the water level is at the middle of the skimmer face and or the middle of your perimeter tile. NOTE: Do not walk on the new finish or allow your pets to walk on the new finish. This will result in foot prints and or marks in your finish that may not come out.

START UP: The start-up procedure plays a critical role in the cosmetic appearance of any new finish for years to come. There are several approaches to initial start. The main objectives are to balance pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels and to remove the plaster scale (dust) created by fresh plaster and water. NOTE: Colored Plaster will require different care then white plaster.
It is important that the finish is brushed twice daily for the first week and once daily for the next two weeks. The finish can be vacuumed also however use a brush vacuum and not a wheeled vacuum. A wheeled vacuum can leave marks and is not recommend to be used for the first 30 days. This is also true for an automatic vacuum. Here are a few items that we recommend that you do not use for a period of time

  • Do not use heaters for a minimum of three weeks.
  • Do not turn on any water features such as fountains and or waterfalls that aren.t necessary until the start up procedure has been completed.
  • Do not use any type of vacuums with wheels for a minimum of three weeks.
  • Do not add any chemicals unless they are diluted in a pail with pool water before adding them to you pool.
  • Do not mix any chemicals together at any time while adding them to your pool. DANGER - CHEMICAL REACTION
  • DO NOT ADD SALT to your swimming pool for 30 days after the filling of the swimming pool If there is a chlorine generator installed on your swimming pool

Please make sure to get full detailed instructions on both types of finishes before you take over your new finish. In most cases your general maintenance guidelines are on the back of the manufactures warranty. However make sure the builder and or Plaster Company gives you the same.

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