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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:What is the difference between Marcite & Exposed Aggregate Finishes?
Answer:Marcite is made with marble aggregates and white cement. Exposed Aggregate finishes are made up of quartz sand and or natural pebble aggregate and white cement.
Question:Why are Exposed Aggregate & Natural Pebble finishes better then traditional marcite finishes?
Answer:Because Marcite is made with small particles of marble aggregate that are softer and or more porous then quartz sand & natural pebbles.
Question:Are the Exposed Aggregate & Natural Pebble finishes rougher then traditional Marcite?
Answer:The exposed aggregate finishes are rougher then Marcite, however if applied properly they can be smooth. The Natural Pebble finishes have tumbled aggregate which leaves the surface bumpy but not abrasive.
Question:Will the color & texture of the Exposed Aggregate & Natural Pebble Finishes be uniform through out the finish?
Answer:Both finishes are hand crafted and have natural mined aggregates and will have variations in color and or exposure. This is the beauty of these finishes and gives it a natural appearance.
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